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Pics of 1997-1998

In this page,

there is some pics of

my first year in France,

between september 97 et july 98.


The arrival

Pat had placed his bike and other stuff in a refrigerator box... look at the face of the girl at the counter...


Student housing

Here's the student housing where I've lived for my 2 years in France
Showing my French patriotism
After my 2 weeks trips, I let my beard grow... here's the result
Here's the bunch of people I was hanging out with on the 4th floor. there is Carine, François, Daniel, Christine, Pat, Justin....
Nice sculpture done by Ben et Sylvain. it's called"L'éphémèrité de l'équilibre humain dans une société industrielle décadente".
Party at Phil's place. from left to right : Phil, Justin, Ben, Jeany, me, Magali, François and Pat.
Another party


the EPF

Sometimes, it snows in France... not much but enough to do a snowman at school.
Can you believe we have class in THAT?!
Administation building at school, we can see where the french place their priorities.



EPF Gala, in the middle, there is Justin, an american et on th eright it's Pat
21st of july, fête de la musique in Paris. From left to right: Sylvain (Québec), Elena (Bélarus), me, Gregory (France), Ben, Oscar (Spain) and Andrei (Bélarus).
Palais Royal columns. Note Sylvain on the back, take the same picture on the other way.


First bike trip

For a weekend, we went at Fontainebleau and Chartres, this is Fontainebleau castle
I had this on my bike, it had to dry.


From Nice to Toulouse by bike

We were leaving for a 2 weeks trip. We had bought bags to put out bikes in, it's a lot of stuff to carry
Nice's bay of angels
This is what I was looking like on my bike... notice the socks over the pants.
beautiful Antibes, between Nice and Cannes
the Esteral, a wonderful mountain range near Cannes
the col du pas d'Ouillier, in the mouintains, near Marseilles. We've been climbing for 8Km but after that is was going down all the wayyyyyyy. J
Marseille's harbour.
La fontaine de Vaucluse is a fantastic place.
Sur le pont d'Avignon, on y danse, on y danse....
No comments, well known
Tarascon castle, typical.
Les Baux de Provence. A lot of climbing but beautiful, did you know that the name Bauxite, from which aluminium is made, comes from that place
Le moulin de Daudet. You know, Mr Seguin's goat, it was written there
Carcassonne, a mediaval city southwest of France
there is 6 Montreal in France, we found one



I spent chrismast in Auverge, here's a view taken from suc d'eyme


Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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