The context of why

After my trip in Scotland, I still had to settle down. This is what I did the first week. I got my stock at my friend's place and installed everything. After two days everything was done and I began to be bored... which is a normal situation at Chatenay's student housing. School was beginning on tuesday, september 14th. That day wwe only had a meeting with the director and got our schedules. We immediately saw the vacation's potential that schedule was offering. A lot of long weekends, among them, one was beginning the next day. We were having an english class on frida but who cares about english classes. So we began thinking about a trip. At first we wanted to go hike somewhere but we didn't have enough time to prepare so we decided to go at St-Malo, with a lot of possibilities of improvisation, which means we didn't know where we were going after. We could not leave on Thursday because Ben had paperwork for his visa to do, so we bought train tickets for Friday morning.

St-Malo - september 17th

We left for Montparnasse train station in the middle of the morning peak hour with our big backpacks. The metro trip was very folkloric. We finally managed to get to the train and we saw that our wagon was at the end of the platform which is something like 2Km long. The trip lasted 3 hours, with a transfer at Rennes to take a small train to St-Malo. there we saw in our guide that the youth hostel was 1.5 Km from the train station. We finally found it. It was pretty big. We then went in town passing by the beach. The tide was low so the plage was pretty big. There was a lot of big wooden pillars and we where wondering what was there use, we later knew that they were breaking the waves. We walked for a while in th ecold water and got to the city walls. We visited a 17th century fortress and the door was lock so we followed the tour... the lock of the door was exactly the same as the one in our rooms... does that means that our rooms are as old? We could believe it. Once again, I had problems with my camera's batteries but it's now routine. After the fort, we attacked the town by itself. It's surrounded by walls and there is a lot of nic elittle streets and Jacques-Cartier's places. there is Triskels everywhere too, to tease Cedric wo looked for it everywhere in Scotland but who should have looked here.

After a while we began to get hungry and of course we ate creps with Chouchenn as aperitif, which is also call hydromel. Of course with the meal we drank cider. Very good, After dinner we continued to visit, we went near the see to see fishermen then we came back to the hostel.

We got a strange weather, rain, sun, rain, sun... we were always changing from sunglasses to rain gear... except that we had forgotten rain gears so we were kindda wet.

We met a strange guy at the hostel, some weird brittish we kept seeing everywhere in our trip... It's fun to meet people but not anyone... but we also met a girl from Quebec who told us to go in Dinan, that it's a nice place, so we decided to go there later.

Mont Saint-Michel - september 18th

When we woke up, it was still raining. That they we had planned to go to Mont-St-Michel.So we reserved our train tickets for Dinan at the train station and took the bus to Mont-St-Michel

In the bus we met Sheborah, a nice American girl, of iranian origin, who had a very good french. We talk all to way but when we got to Mont-St-Michel, her friend seemed to think that we were monopolizing her so she taken her far from us, sniff. We visited the abbaye and got luvk because it was "les journees du patrimoine", heritage day, so everything was free. It's beautful and that time I really saw the difference between roman and gothic styles. But it's fast to visit and at 1pm, we took the bus and then the train to Dinan

We had to change train at Dol-de-Bretagne and had to wait for 1 hour. It was raining hard but I still wanted to look around and see what it looked like. Ben stayed at the train station SISSY!!! challenging me to find a postcard of the town. I came back wet but with 2 postcards. I saw many funny things : a dead cat, houses, other houses... it should be called Dull-de-Bretagne.

We were a little tired so when we got at the youth hostel, we prepared a meal and stayed there. I must say that the hostel was far away from town(2.5Km) and lost in the wood, nice scenery. It was in a valley in a XVth century manor. Of course our eird british guy was there but fortunately, one of his cocitizen was htere too. Sara was very cool. She was tired too so we spent the night playing asshole (cardgame!!!). I realized again my limited comprehension of the british accent, I always had to ask her to repeat.

Dinan - september 19th

Finally, it was sunny in the morning. Dinan is another small town with walls and it was still hertage day so still free. We walked around the walls, climbed the clock tower to buzz our head with the bells, visited the duchess Anne's castle... All in all a wonderful day. Again we ate creps, drank cider. I bought britton beer and been bought chouchenn. We were supposed to leave at 4 for St-Brieuc, the town we chosen with asking around about it, mainly because the TGV was stopping there.

Once there, we went to the hostel, 3 Km from the train station (fortunately, the trip was not longer, we would have been at 5 km in the next town). It was desert but the guy almost told us it wa full !?! I still don't understand. We've been bored all evening, and the guy responsible for the hostel was always locking doors everywhere. I called him the keys maniac.

Return to Paris- september 20th

We got up around 11 and went to town, seeing there is nothing to see, we decided to leave sooner. The first train was at 14h13 and we took it. originally we were supposed to leave at 5pm. After, everyone to whom we talked about St-Brieuc told us there is nothing to see there... Well, can't always be lucky.