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december 16th to 18th; 2000

I went back to Munich to see Eva and she invited me to visit her hometown : Augsburg

Here is a church (St-Ulric?) Actually there is 2 : one catholic, one protestant, result of the peace of Augsburg new cordial relatioship between the 2 religions.

The women's court
The world's oldest HLM are in Augsburg. They were built in the XVth century by I rich guy (don't remember his name, I know I hould). The price was 800 Rhenan Gulden which was converted to 1,78DM. ANd the price is still the same today. Needless to say the the fundation manging this lives on the interests of the original stack of money (on 500 years, it makes a lot) Enough to rebuild everything after the war.
In front of the HLM. See the nice ringer.
View of Augsburg
One of the main streets
The red tower, part of the walls
The house of the weavers
Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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