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Easter in Bavaria

from april 13th to 16th, 2001

I wanted to do a real trip with Elona for a while.

Easter was a good occasion so we decided to hgo to Munich to see our friend Eva. She was happy that we were coming so I bought 2 tickets and we went in Bavaria for 4 days

It's the third time I go there, I already shown many pictures of Munich and Augsburg so I will just show pics of the only new place I've been this time : Neuschwanstein

We went there on saturday, the other days we visitd Munich and Augsburg (see the other pages on this)

For those who don't know it, Neuschwanstein is the ideal fairytales castle. Actually it inspired Walt Disney for his castle. It has been built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, the mad king around 1880

It was snowing that day (mid of april!!!) but it was because we werein the mountains. In fact, if you look at the back of the pictures, you will see that the scenery is all green.


We went hiking in the mountains, did a snowman, snowball battles/// E ended up on a little bridge over a gorge with a wonderful view on the castle.
We got closer to the castle but we didn't enter since the most interesting part was outside.

We have also seen the castle of Hohenschwangau which is very close

Here we see the total change of scenery. We are in the plain and BANG, a mountain. You can see Neuschwanstein over the barn and Hohenschwangau ont he right.

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