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Pays-Bas en 2001

Ani di Franco show - February 8th  2001

I went to see her show in Amsterdam

Utrecht - february 18th 2001

The highest tower in Holland, the Dom. We climbed its 465 steps and 112m
Dutch art
A view of Utrecht
View of the rest of the DomKerk

Gouda - February 18th 2001

A church in Gouda
The city hall of Gouda
The longest church in Holland, St Janskerk

Groningen - February 24th 2001

Even houseboats sinks
A lake in a park of Groningen
We climbed the Groningen tower too. MartiniKerk

Madurodam - February 25th 2001

Madirodam is a model of Holland in reduced size. HEre is the Dom of Utrecht
A Chinese ice sculpture exhibition was occuring when we went in Madurodam
Some of the sculptures we can even enter in
Here Ice bikers
You can also wear the sculptures

Skate - February 25th 2001

I showed Elona to skate. At first she spent a lot of time on her back
But later she managed to advance by herself and stay up

Nienke's graduation in Groningen

Nienke invited us at her graduation party in Groningen
We had fun too


Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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