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Life in The Netherlands

from April 2000

I now work a The Haghe, Netherlands. Here are some pictures from my album.

At home

Here is the view I have form my place. We see the horrible pier, which was sold for one Gulden to whoever wanted to repair it.

We also see the crowd. Amond them there is a lof of cute topless girls

In summer, the beach is invaded by Dutch and German people, you can recognize the germans by the hole they dig in the sand.

This is my flat seen from the pier.

In the middle you see the Kurhaus. A big kitsh hotel. I live juste next to it, on the right on the picture, in the long ugly building.

A fireworks contest happens during the summmer. While the crowd try to see on the ground, I can just sit back and watch it on my balcony.
I work with french people so the "apero" is an unmissable tradition. Sometimes it happen at my place.
Ben and Eva visitng me. The take advantage of the occasional sun on the balcony.

Dutch and bikes

Dutch people can sometimes be parano.... I can believe that a lot of bicycle are stolen, but still...
My nice bike.

My dutch friends

Nienke was my roommate in Montreal, She's from Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands and she invited me at her place for a weekend.

Of course, it was raining, as always in holland, and we went out without a raincoat (dumb move), so we walk from cafe to cafe, with some stops outside, like that one in a garden.

I went to Maastricht to see a show with Christel, in the south of the country. The region is called Limburg, it's stucke between Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. His cousin Ivo came with us to see An Pierlé and Laïs.
Suzy and me in front of the Maurithuis and the Binnenhof in DenHaag
Sate is an indonesian speciality that ended up becoming dutch. It's based on a peanut sauce (yummie) that cover meat, chicken usually, french fries, with some roasted onions. There is often small stands in the street selling it. That was in Groningen with Nienken and we had to find cover under a tent because the rain just caught us off guard.

Funny stuff

The netherlands are a small country. Not only they have small houses, but also small cars. Cedric show it to us.
There is basic things the dutch seems to have troubble to understand, like : WE MUST NOT PISS IN THE STREETS.

Well, it was int he red ligh in Amsterdam, there is many tourists, they are certainly not the last to piss in the streets.

The dutch are very origina, they even have traditional bagpipe bands... am I in the good country?

Other trips

Jean-Laurent, Elona and Perrine on a cute and small bridge in Edam, that day we went the four of us to visit the area.
A street in Edam, note the cheese shelves. it's the yellow-orange stuff you see int he store, some have one foot of diameter.
After Edam we crossed a dyke. It's very long, enough to not be able to see the land from the middle, so we're on a road with nothing but water around, nice.
Kukenhof, where the tulips are from, and since holland is the home of tulips... thisis an exhibition of the producer, they show all kind of variety they can do, and there is a lot.


Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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